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Born in New York, SnappleOpens in a new window. has been a friend in our fridges for over 30 years!  Its “parents” were brothers-in-law Leonard Marsh and Hyman Golden, and Marsh's childhood friend, Arnold Greenberg, who began selling all-natural beverages around NYC in 1972. Originally known as Unadulterated Food Corporation, “Snapple” adopted its name from an apple drink they dreamed up during their earliest days. In short order, they created several additional flavors and progressed to 100% pure fruit juices Snapple Logo (Opens in a new window)Opens in a new window.that did well throughout the 70s. In 1983, Snapple created a line of flavored seltzers. Next came fruit drinks in 1986, teas in 1987, fruit drink cocktails in 1989. Snapple went on to become a worldwide household name, and, today, offers dozens of flavors, with new tastes constantly being introduced to create an ever-growing selection of the “best beverages in NYC.”

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